Otis Cateringequip® has been established since 2006
We specialise in the supply of quality brand named Used and Reconditioned Catering
Equipment. With the Credit Crunch really biting, brand new equipment has become out
of reach for even the largest of organisations. We have become incredibly busy as a result
and many more clients are realising there is a viable and trusted alternative to brand new
equipment. We are experienced with kitchen planning and support and can supply reconditioned,
brand new equipment and extraction systems.


: We understand the importance of project deadlines to our clients and as a result work closely with these clients every step of the way to ensure the work is delivered on-time. Otiscatering has geared itself up around supplying any piece of equipment for the modern kitchen.
Effectively becoming a one-stop shop and in so doing, minimizing the number of contractors needed on site to effectively service a contract.

Our proffessional team is here to offers a wide range of catering equipment including but not limited to