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Styles and Types of  Food Trailers
Otis Catering  Equipment offers so much variety to choose from in our restaurant trailers for sale. You can pick from one of the models that already have a layout which works great to operate in an efficient manner. Or, you can custom build your concession trailer to your suit wildest dreams. That is why it is essential that you explore all your options when looking at food vending trailers for sale. Check out our options below or contact us for more information any of our cooking trailers for sale.

You can be sure of virtually unlimited capacity and unmatched customer service and support. Our team of trained professionals takes you through every step of the integration of your mobile kitchen, from planning all the way through completion.

The Mobile Kitchen can be towable on roads with lights.

Item Specification

Price: R19000

Dimension: 2.5m (L)x 1.5m(D) x 2.3(H)

Weight: 650kg


The material of the kitchen body is Stainless Steel , high strength, light weight, corrosion resistant, compartment temperature, fire protection features.
Backside using double-color plate of the intermediate zone compartment stratosphere;
The bottom of the kitchen is equipped with tires and high-speed bearings.
Also can be configured according to customer requirements (ice cream machines, juice machines, ice machines, grilled, sausage machine, steamed dumplings, popcorn machine, etc. functions)


Standard configuration:

1. Stainless kitchen cabinets in the front and back
2. hand wash sink in the front .
3. all pipes for gas and water, plug
4. Deep Fryer
5. Grill
6. Fridge
7. Hot Water

Our food trailers are professionally built, and our food trailers on wheels can be used for just about any type of cooking including barbecue, fried foods, catering and more. 

Price: R27 980


3m (L) x 1.8m (W) x 1.95m (H) (Outside Measurements)
PRIME-GRADE Chromadeck Cladding
750kg Single Axle
13" Tyres


• 2 x Chafing Dishes

• 2 x 6L Fryers

• 1 x Griller with Plate & Grid

• 1 x Two Plate Trailer Buddies Built Gas Stove

• 1 x Single Sink with dry place

• 2 x 25L Water Bottles

• 6 x Air Vents

• 2 x Plugs & Lights

• 2 x Spice Racks

• 1 x Gas Cage

• 1 x Spare Wheel

• Gas Installation Certificate

mobile Kitchen

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